Sound Bank ’88 ReFill

Sound bank ’88 – Europa Patches

Sound Bank ’88

The Sound Bank ’88 ReFill is similar to the patch banks that you got for a synth around the time indicated (late ’80s). This isn’t an emulation of any particular synth but the kinds of sounds you may find in anything from a Juno or D70 to a DX or SY-85.

150 sounds are included.

Sound Bank '88 ReFill
Sound Bank ’88 ReFill

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Sound Bank ’88 – Combinator Patches


Patches are organized per device (Combi, Europa, NN-XT, Thor, Kong, Grain) and deliberately not into categories. One of the wonderful things that would happen when patch surfing at that time was that while you may have moused in a line assuming it to be a certain type of sound, a completely different type of sound would make that line really sing.

Sound Style

Just as back then, patches aren’t aimed at only one genre. These are just patches for the artist to find a use for as they see fit. Inside are:

  • Strings that can rival sample packs in their ability to be lyrical and tender.
  • Junoesque Basses & Brasses.
  • Flutes Analog and FM.
  • Flowing Pads fat & thin.
  • Sounds that are hard to describe in words as they seem like birds or pianos but aren’t.

The important thing is that inside there are sounds that can be used to help tell stories. This last I know as quite a few of these sounds have already told stories for me on a few albums like “Garden of Merging Waters“, “Red Skies Yellow Sand“, “Lands” & “Night Moon“. I included most of the sounds on Night Moon (except Stormy Mesa) in the ReFill.

In Use

Some sounds already include effects, some do not. In all cases, the use of FX has been careful to allow the sounds to be able to fit into a mix with minimal alteration, especially if you have Sends assigned for reverb, etc.

Some sounds have quite a lot of programming for performance, others not as either they do not need that or it is best for you to choose how you want to set-up in your music.

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Technical Stuff & Support

The Sound Bank ’88 ReFill will work in any version of Reason Studios Reason that has Europa, Grain. Version 11 and up is suggested (but not necessary) for instances of Quartet & Sweeper.

For technical info on how to install and use a ReFill please refer to the Reason DAW Help files.

For any product questions, please ask (politely) on one of the YouTube videos above so the answer is visible for all.

Showing my sounds working in a mix:

Some of the sounds in these albums/tracks are in Sound Bank ’88. The purpose is to show how my sounds may work in a mix, no more or less. You will probably use the sounds quite differently from how I do.

Night Moon album
Red Skies Yellow Sand album

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