Melting Machine – a sleep music album

Play it Quietly this is Sleep Music – not EDM

Melting Machine was an album that wanted to be written but was not on my plans for right now. I was still working on my Goth record (working name Beauty of the Dark) but it had to be put on hold because I made an arrangement to have a remix for one of the tracks done by a successful remix act. The problem came because their success has made them busy so it could take a few months to get the work done & delivered.

I just can’t be inactive for that time – or Benedict goes crazy and starts talking about himself in third person! So I thought again of my desire to make another sleep music album. I had recently come into the whole catalog of Kilohearts devices so being me I combined a few objectives and used making a sleep album as a chance to get to know the kHs system a lot better by setting the rule of only using their devices for everything.

Cover artwork is a watercolor painting by my partner Jane called “Saturday At Tallebudgera”.

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