Measured Spaces II

if you get value from my music, please be sure to return it bysupporting me with a purchase at Bandcamp Measured Spaces II clearly indicates a similarly named album. This was one of those albums that cleverly disguised its story until the very last moment. Most of the pieces were written with no names which … Continue reading Measured Spaces II

Melting Machine – a sleep music album

Play it Quietly this is Sleep Music - not EDM Melting Machine was an album that wanted to be written but was not on my plans for right now. I was still working on my Goth record (working name Beauty of the Dark) but it had to be put on hold because I made an … Continue reading Melting Machine – a sleep music album

Impermanent Permanence

Central to Buddhism is the concept of Impermanence coupled with the human tendency to Attachment and the pain it brings as we try to prevent change (even for the better). A great part of Enlightenment is learning to find your own permanence in the constant flow of change that is necessary for life to fully express itself. … Continue reading Impermanent Permanence

Series:1:2 / Choir

1994 - album+ as Benedict After Vision Of The Mystic I wanted to do more work in the Zen-style of letting things flow fast. The series pieces are a collection of short sound paintings that only took about a as long as the piece multiplied by the number of instruments. Editing and mixing was kept kept to … Continue reading Series:1:2 / Choir

Vision Of The Mystic

1994 - EP as Benedict I had become quite taken with Zen and Taoism at this time because of their simple yet accepting view of life. I felt that I wanted to play with some of those ideas in how I made music. Because I had almost always composed rigidly, either with a mouse to … Continue reading Vision Of The Mystic

Seashell and Other Stories

1994 - EP as Benedict I moved to Noosa on the Sunshine Coast and life there was interesting. People surfed or went to the gym. All the bands were Smooth Jazz or Hippie Fusion. There didn't seem much in the way of choices outside of those. I wanted to combine my love of Pop with the New … Continue reading Seashell and Other Stories