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These things are part of my online history. They are no longer supported.

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SynthStudio Pack-montage

SynthStudio Packs

There were 4 SynthStudio Packs in all. They were all VST & VSTi made in SynthEdit. I had a lot of fun making and selling these packs of instruments and effects. Eventually they became too off the pace to continue with. Also my attention had turned away from VST Hosts to Reason which was (at the time) a closed environment.

SynthStudio Pack I – Fill Your Studio for $7.50

SynthStudio Pack II – Extra Tools

SynthStudio Pack III – Virgo Constellation

SynthStudio Pack IV – Wide Boys & Heroes

PreRoll Recorder – a simple but clever little tool that could sit in the background and keep recording even when your  DAW was stopped and help you recover moments of inspiration

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elektro 3-57 ReFill


StellaR ReFill

I released 2 ReFills for Propellerheads Reason software. Sadly they weren’t as popular as the SynthStudio Packs. This has more to do with the platform and psychology of the users. VST users are like junkies, they always need more, even when they don’t need more. This created a space for gadgets more than for sounds.

That said elektro 3-57 sold pretty well with 357 sounds but StellaR with over 1,200 didn’t come close. Go figure. Maybe the spacey name didn’t groove so well with the increasingly Hip Hop crowd.

Much of these ReFills have come back in my enormous OSC + Filter ReFill (no sample based patches)


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