Adult Aspie & Work

Getting Work is Hard and Keeping it Sometimes Impossible I wrote this article and offered it to a national Autism body for their blog. Sadly after many months, I haven't heard a word from them so I assume they are disinterested. Might as well publish it here. Most employment agencies that work in the space… Continue reading Adult Aspie & Work


Criticism and its Role in Alienation

This article will cover a few things but the concept of criticism will be common. It is me working out how & why on some things. As such it may be of no interest to you. Or it may be of great interest as either thinking material or to understand my brain a wee bit… Continue reading Criticism and its Role in Alienation


Aspergers – Adult Living With It

Aspergers. I feel like I always knew the word - I kinda knew it was related to being a bit "special" but not much more. Turns out I have Aspergers, an Autism Spectrum Disorder (ASD). Reality is a lot of people do, and particularly musicians it seems. This will be a really long article. If you have… Continue reading Aspergers – Adult Living With It