Korg MonoPoly RE
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Korg MonoPoly RE vs Thor

Korg has just released their MonoPoly as a Rack Extension (RE) for Reason. After being so excited over the MS-20 and reading so much good press on how good the MonoPoly VSTi sounds I was pretty interested. The Poly6 RE didn't grab me but MonoPoly I am led to believe is a cut above. I… Continue reading Korg MonoPoly RE vs Thor

MS-20 Mini
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Korg MS-20 Mini vs Reason 7

OK so this looks like a dead lose for Reason right off the bat and if we were talking anything before Reason 7 I'd not bet a cent on the software being anywhere in the race without a good knowledge of routing tricks. The closest I have aver really been to a true analog monosynth… Continue reading Korg MS-20 Mini vs Reason 7