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Mastering – the Final Fantasy

Mastering is always a hot topic in the Forums. Everyone is struggling at the last gate to make their piece meaty, beaty, big and bouncy. Most people come at it straight on, whack a Limiter on the end and proceed to turn it up past 11. It doesn't work out. You know me, I like… Continue reading Mastering – the Final Fantasy

Korg MonoPoly RE
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Korg MonoPoly RE vs Thor

Korg has just released their MonoPoly as a Rack Extension (RE) for Reason. After being so excited over the MS-20 and reading so much good press on how good the MonoPoly VSTi sounds I was pretty interested. The Poly6 RE didn't grab me but MonoPoly I am led to believe is a cut above. I… Continue reading Korg MonoPoly RE vs Thor

Blamsoft Distributor
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Blamsoft Distributor in Propellerhead Reason

Reason has always been a pretty modular environment. If you use the units just as they are results are alright but the software really comes alive when you start to put things together. The Combinator was the biggest single evolution in this respect. We have just had another big leap land on us in the… Continue reading Blamsoft Distributor in Propellerhead Reason

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Mixing with Groups in Propellerhead Reason

Groups are a great way to handle parts of a mix before they go to the record pressing plant via the Master Out. As you may have noted yourself the Master is where it all comes together so if you whack a 32nd-note BPM-synced Phaser on the Master in a fit of LSD induced midnight… Continue reading Mixing with Groups in Propellerhead Reason