Reason Synths – Quick Comparison

Propellerheads Reason was launched in 2000 off the back of the ReBirth studio. Reason gained a strong following and has built on that over the years. While some rant about lack of VST integration, many die-hard users (like myself) have been happier not to have the clutter that VST brings. In a closed environment, Reason's … Continue reading Reason Synths – Quick Comparison

Korg MonoPoly RE vs Thor

Korg has just released their MonoPoly as a Rack Extension (RE) for Reason. After being so excited over the MS-20 and reading so much good press on how good the MonoPoly VSTi sounds I was pretty interested. The Poly6 RE didn't grab me but MonoPoly I am led to believe is a cut above. I … Continue reading Korg MonoPoly RE vs Thor