Understanding Sounds for your Synth, Song Arrangement & Mix

This article is a holder for the 5-Video series on making, composing with, arranging & mixing the main categories of melodic sounds you will use when making almost any style of music.

  1. Part I: Bass
  2. Part II: Poly
  3. Part III: Leads
  4. Part IV: Pads

Part V is about Layered Sounds which helps you to understand not only how to develop these sorts of mega-sounds but how they parallel the same skills you need in Arranging & Mixing. I walk you through making a sound from scratch with every action explained.

While these tutorials may seem Synthesizer focused (something I never shy from), what you learn here will apply equally to guitars, orchestras, baritone banjos…

Each video is long. These aren’t about showing you magic tips & tricks but to understand the reasoning behind every decision you make over what goes in the arrangement to make (or un-make) a good song. Take the time to understand and you’ll find that in a week or so you will realize that you feel a lot more in-control of what you are doing.

Bass Patches

Bass Sounds

Polyphonic Patches

Polyphonic Sounds

Lead Patches

Lead Patches

Pad Patches

Pad Patches

Layered Patches

Layering Sounds in one Patch

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