Sketches of Place & Time

As the name suggests, these tracks are relatively simple pieces. They are often based around one idea with minimal development.

The idea is that they were composed quickly, often with parts played completely off the cuff to capture a mood of the day so to speak.

Please purchase this album for $5 (or more) as it is the only way that I get paid for your enjoyment (streaming is worth less than nothing).

Sleep I + II

Sleep I + II

The purchased version of the album comes with the “sleep” tracks as well for double the value. They have their own cover so all you need to do is adjust the Album Name Tags and you are done.

These tracks are very simple and will initially appear as though very little happens in them. The idea is that they may help you fall asleep a little easier.

Each of the two track is 22 mins long which is apparently about the maximum time we can stay focused on any thing.

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