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Living in a Post-Manners World

Way back, before the Middle Ages, we lived in a Brutal world - one where anyone could own anyone else. The sword, club, or pointy stick made right. End of story. We survived, either by owning the pointiest stick or by keeping our head down around the person who did. The Middle Ages brought a… Continue reading Living in a Post-Manners World

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Reaper vs Reason Sound Test

I saw that there was a new version of Reaper with all these apparent improvements to how it looks and therefore flows to work with. Reason has got its shiny new Rack VST - now with added MIDI Out so... I launched Reaper - looks nice - and added a Reason Rack with a Europa.… Continue reading Reaper vs Reason Sound Test

What did The Revolution really bring us?
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Streaming Music is Destroying Music for All. All the Money is gone.

What did The Revolution really bring us? This article started life on the Q&A site Quora under the title: How do musicians and songwriters make any money when you can listen to any music for free? When you look at the numbers I hope you are horrified at how badly streaming has treated us and… Continue reading Streaming Music is Destroying Music for All. All the Money is gone.

Impossible Flowers - Hannah 8 y.o.
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Moving an Artist 7 Years in 3 Days – this is What I Do & How I Do it

What if I could show you a way to springboard your Art (Music, Painting, Kung Fu, Formula 1 Driving) ahead in massive steps in a really short amount of time? Would you want that? What would it be worth to you and your work? I will admit that uptake for what I offer is not… Continue reading Moving an Artist 7 Years in 3 Days – this is What I Do & How I Do it

Compress Legend
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Compression Below the Threshold

This was a question in a foum: Please confirm if this statement is true or not "the compression still works and compresses even when the signal falls below the threshold". If not... I don't see why release would be doing anything to the signal...if yes please further explain so I can understand. An image was… Continue reading Compression Below the Threshold

Kosmicheskoye Tango
Benedict Roff-Marsh

Kosmicheskoye Tango

Kosmicheskoye Tango is a collaboration between Adrian Earnshaw and myself. If you are a fan of Berlin School (Tangerine Dream, Michael Hoenig, Adelbert Von Deyen, etc.) then you will probably like this album. Adrian Earnshaw: composer, synths, Cubase10, videosBenedict Roff-Marsh: composer, synths, mixing, Reason 11 I have known Adrian for a while on & off… Continue reading Kosmicheskoye Tango