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Compression Below the Threshold

This was a question in a foum: Please confirm if this statement is true or not "the compression still works and compresses even when the signal falls below the threshold". If not... I don't see why release would be doing anything to the signal...if yes please further explain so I can understand. An image was… Continue reading Compression Below the Threshold

Driving Music

Hotel California – electronic cover

Eagles "Hotel California" was on in the car as we drove home the other day and I just really felt I wanted to have a go at it with pure electronic sounds. Here is a cover that is true to the original Eagles song (well as true as the MIDI File I downloaded) only with… Continue reading Hotel California – electronic cover

Kosmicheskoye Tango
Benedict Roff-Marsh

Kosmicheskoye Tango

Kosmicheskoye Tango is a collaboration between Adrian Earnshaw and myself. If you are a fan of Berlin School (Tangerine Dream, Michael Hoenig, Adelbert Von Deyen, etc.) then you will probably like this album. Adrian Earnshaw: composer, synths, Cubase10, videosBenedict Roff-Marsh: composer, synths, mixing, Reason 11 I have known Adrian for a while on & off… Continue reading Kosmicheskoye Tango

Bait Ball
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Hiding In Plain Sight – The Lure of Safety

I have spoken to this subject many times through other articles & videos. But in the last few days I have had a few situations where I have watched people retreat from the opportunity to do something different and unique so they could try their best to do the most average thing they could -… Continue reading Hiding In Plain Sight – The Lure of Safety

D-Lineate ReFill

D-Lineate ReFill

D-Lineate ReFill D-Lineate is a ReFill for the Propellerheads Reason platform with an emphasis on features found in the Reason 10 release (Europa, Grain etc). There are over 340 patches across several categories: Pads: 118Poly: 61Strings: 49Sound Effects: 30Brass: 23Leads: 19Pianos: 16Bass: 14Drums: 14 There are also the 16 Casio CZ inspired sounds I made… Continue reading D-Lineate ReFill