Anadyomene FM Synth Free VST

Anadyomene FM Synth
Anadyomene FM Synth

Anadyomene is a free FM Synth in the 64 Bit VST 2 format for Windows hosts.
Available for FREE
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This video is a walkthrough of the synth in place of the manual that would have taken several hours to make but no one would read.

Titian - Venus Anadyomene
Titian – Venus Anadyomene

Simply: Anadyomene is a 2 Oscillator synth that specializes in FM Synthesis. Each OSC is three oscillators in parallel-stereo with a Detune/Unison feature. With a simple but carefully considered architecture, the synth can deliver classic FM Pianos, Chimes, Basses and lots of Sci Fi Pads with the wonderful smooth-scrape feel unique to FM synthesis.

The reason behind making a new simple FM synth is that I find that most of the devices that promise to make FM synthesis simple, don’t. They may work for that Developer and his thinking but not for much of anyone else. Here I have kept as close to classic Subtractive synthesis as possible while allowing the synth to operate as a functional FM synth.

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