Creators or Consumers: the New Divide

This is a screenshot from the beginning of a conversation in Drooble where Mark is concerned that his Song has 1,000 Plays but only 10 Likes. He worries that while the Play stats are nice, he is not getting any engagement.

(I was gonna say ‘penetration” as it is a valid marketing word but you may take me the wrong way. Altho it is R&R and that’s why we do it right? LOL)

Yes my reply is long. Most people would say too long. But that sort of thinking is exactly why we are where we are right now.

People have been conned into thinking there are two mindsets: Consumers or Creators. Being a Consumer is currently unfashionable, a Consumer is a sheep, un-special, un-doing, a sap, a target for Creators…

Creators on the other hand are active, cool, in-control, setting the trend, winning at life…

The idea that Hipsterism and it’s users like Tim Ferris has got us to swallow (along with Social Media who reward us for posting things people “Like”) has us all becoming Creators and therefore unwilling to Consume.

So as a result, everyone is posting, posting, posting… And refusing to listen, consider, engage: consume – as the latter is weak when you should be posting, posting, posting… (no Likes in consuming)

The only thing people are eager to consume are things that tell them how to be more effective, efficient, Liked Creators. That is more pseudo-New Age Memes, more Tim Ferris clones cloning more How To Win at SEO/Spotify/Amazon eBooks (in exchange for your email so they can Creator all over you).

Of course, it is only a pretty short period of time before Creators, with no valid life input (things consumed), have nothing on which to create anything of value. Only a minor conundrum tho as Likes aren’t based on the quality of the material, only that you conspicuously Created something and proved that you are Like-able. So you post more Memes about how good you are at Partying and being Emotive.

We also now have a trend where people are videoing their computer screen & speakers with their phone and posting the ghastly sounding results of their vastly unfinished loop. All so they can get Likes. And it kinda works as others like them Like the unfinished works that are so distorted as to be an affront to shortwave radio quality.

And boy do they get uber-aggressive (like death camp aggressive) if questioned on why they use such a poor delivery method when they clearly have better options. But then in their own world they are right. The quality doesn’t matter, it is merely that they were seen to be posting, posting, posting…

I Think I Better Dance Now

Yep long post for social media but does that mean we shouldn’t be saying what we think? Not sharing of our true humanity? Isn’t that why God invented Social Media? So we can communicate?

On the last paragraphs: No one has to say “Here is my finished work” ready for judgment. Any possible judgment is invalid as it is “unfinished” work. Anyone leaving anything other than “cool dude” feedback is immediately a Hater.

If you get branded as a Hater you need re-conditioning in a Stalin/Pol Pot kinda re-education camp. The kind where most people don’t ever come back.

It was never about making anything. It was only & ever about saying “Here I am, a Creator” (and therefore not a Consumer). You must Like me so I am approved as my chosen status.

Not Liking is a crime. Not approving someone as a Creator is the worst insult. Being considered a Consumer is not much better so you better be posting, posting, posting…

2 thoughts on “Creators or Consumers: the New Divide

  1. I think you’re on to something.
    If asked what they want to become, children seem to answer, they want to be influencers, by making their own vlog. If everyone is busy creating content, will there be someone consuming it? And if no-one is consuming, will creating content still be a valuable business-model?

    Some time ago I joined an artists-group on the internet, but if I read they want to make artists redundant, because everyone should be an artist, I start getting second thoughts.

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