Triumph & Tragedy

Triumph & Tragedy is all about Stories of Humanity. The subjects of the stories may be Gods & Myths but they are all expressions of how we behave as humans. Our strengths, weaknesses, successes & failings, triumphs & tragedies. Each of these stories was chosen because they show a triumph leading to a tragic outcome. … Continue reading Triumph & Tragedy

In Phantasus Cum Morpheus

Cover Painting: detail from Le Soir ou Morphée by Charles Le Brun in Galerie d'Apollon, Musée du Louvre The theme for In Phantasus Cum Morpheus is that of a person in a hospital bed weighed down with morphine* so they are below consciousness but dreaming. I leave it open to the listener to decide the who, where, when, why, etc. … Continue reading In Phantasus Cum Morpheus