Sleep Call I-IV
Benedict Roff-Marsh

Sleep Call : I – IV Full Video - pop it in Full Screen Track Times:Pt I : 00:00Pt II : 16:45Pt III : 32:30Pt IV : 48:15 Sleep Call is a double entendre. Broadly it is about wanting sleep to come, trying to make it happen. It is also an action in computer programming where the programmer asks the… Continue reading Sleep Call : I – IV

Benedict Roff-Marsh

In Phantasus Cum Morpheus

Cover Painting: detail from Le Soir ou Morphée by Charles Le Brun in Galerie d'Apollon, Musée du Louvre The theme for In Phantasus Cum Morpheus is that of a person in a hospital bed weighed down with morphine* so they are below consciousness but dreaming. I leave it open to the listener to decide the who, where, when, why, etc.… Continue reading In Phantasus Cum Morpheus