Sampler – Ages New

2010 - compilation of Benedict I wrote some almost New Age music whilst working as Aeroplastic Voice. I couldn't use the AV name so I used my own first name. The first album, Inland Sea, came as a surprise to me but I could never really let go of the style so kept revisiting, especially… Continue reading Sampler – Ages New


Time River

1998 - album as Benedict I wanted to make something back in the style of Inland Sea only allow myself to seem a bit more overtly 'commercial' New Age and less 'dark'. I had also met a fellow who sent some of my music to a German Producer he knew who wanted to meet me with… Continue reading Time River


Vision Of The Mystic

1994 - EP as Benedict I had become quite taken with Zen and Taoism at this time because of their simple yet accepting view of life. I felt that I wanted to play with some of those ideas in how I made music. Because I had almost always composed rigidly, either with a mouse to… Continue reading Vision Of The Mystic