Seashell and Other Stories

1994 – EP as Benedict

Seashell & other stories
Seashell & other stories

I moved to Noosa on the Sunshine Coast and life there was interesting. People surfed or went to the gym. All the bands were Smooth Jazz or Hippie Fusion. There didn’t seem much in the way of choices outside of those. I wanted to combine my love of Pop with the New Age and Electronic. This EP explored a few of these directions. It was in many ways one of the most ‘musical’ projects I had competed to date.

Sadly interest was low and it still didn’t seem like I could get more than polite nods from people who were otherwise enthusing about stuff I though far less interesting. Of course an artist almost always thinks his work interesting and others may see nothing at all.

Satori just fell out and I don’t really know how as I have no idea how I made something that sounds like this at the time. I guess I just let go enough for the piece to come out and the interplay of the rigid piano and the flowing synth lead is nice. A favorite part for me is at 2:20 where the lead switches into the bass register to allow a bass figure.

River Lights is always a favorite for me as it is the first time ever made something that sounded like Berlin School that actually worked as something truly my own.

Pieces on Ages New Benedict Sampler


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