This album is something slightly different from me. In many ways it is actually an EP as most of the tracks are played twice. As the album title suggests the pieces are presented in different versions. Largely the notes are the same but sounds and the way they are handled is different. Drum lines are often re-written to accommodate the new feel and sounds.

For the curious, the leaves on the cover are a photo taken with my phone just after sun down. The plant is at the end of the driveway and has this wonderful variety of red and orange leaves. I was out there to photograph some paving stones that looked version-y to me (in an Abby Road level-crossing sort of way) but the leaves grabbed me as perfect as they are in many ways versions of each other. Each leaf is in essence the same as every other but has its own character.

I went through a very productive period between A Century’s Quarter, Double Space and Versions but now it is finally time to take a bit of a rest. Between starting and finishing this project I became single and moved house to the edge of transmission, in the mangrove mud between the sea and a creek. A bit further to drive every day but just what I needed. I have also finally got another pushbike and really enjoy riding again. Funny thing about bikes it that riding them is just like riding a bike – you don’t forget anything – all there within moments of hopping back on. I’m still working with music but I know there isn’t a project in me right now. The moon is dark, the field is fallow etc.

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