Plugged-In Bach – in Tribute to Wendy Carlos (and of course Bach)

Back to Bach Ask most Pop & Rock musicians about Classical music and they tend to pull faces (about the same faces that the Classical types pull when the question is the other way around). Adjust that Q and swap Classical for Bach and most - well the older ones anyway - will say, yeah … Continue reading Plugged-In Bach – in Tribute to Wendy Carlos (and of course Bach)

Unmade Movies

Unmade Movies: music that represents movies that don't exist is me flexing my melodic & descriptive muscles again. Each piece attempts to describe the sort of score (soundtrack) I might write for this sort of movie. Not managing to get any commissions to make real movie soundtracks lately I have to do the next best thing … Continue reading Unmade Movies

Pixel Deep Plays

Everything on a computer is pixel deep. There is nothing but our imagination beneath the pixels we see. Some people say that is a reason to consider music made on computers non-music. Even some musicians think that software instruments are not as real as those made of wood and tin (with circuits inside). I don't … Continue reading Pixel Deep Plays

Other Places / Other Spaces

There is nothing remotely Pop about this record, it is 1 hour 20 mins long to start with, and the four pieces are all 20 mins long. This album is in great part about the artwork so I will pop the YouTube video above the Bandcamp audio. Set to full screen and quality to HD. … Continue reading Other Places / Other Spaces

Documemted Fragments – synthesizer dreams

- Life is made of fragments. Later we try to organize them into some sort of sense. Sometimes this organization is done consciously, but often it is done in REM sleep - or dreams. To me making a record is very much a record of the time I was working (to borrow from Jackson Browne). … Continue reading Documemted Fragments – synthesizer dreams

Impermanent Permanence

Central to Buddhism is the concept of Impermanence coupled with the human tendency to Attachment and the pain it brings as we try to prevent change (even for the better). A great part of Enlightenment is learning to find your own permanence in the constant flow of change that is necessary for life to fully express itself. … Continue reading Impermanent Permanence